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Triton Gulf of Papua, The Paradise.

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Paradise, is the right words to describe the special beauty of the Triton Gulf in Kaimana District, West Papua, Indonesia. For travelers, Triton Gulf is like a paradise that offers perfection. It’s where you will be pampered with a variety of different experiences.

Take a good look at the area of Maimai. On the wall along the barrier reef for about 1 mile there are paintings of the ancient relics of prehistoric times. You can watch a variety of ethnic paintings in the form of the palm, skull, and animals. Interestingly this painting was made in a location inaccessible with bare hands. And despite it’s been there for centuries, the colors from natural dyes are still apparent today.

Cliff paintings found in the area of Triton Gulf, precisely in Maimai, Kaimana, West Papua. This cliff painting is a relic of prehistory and painted along on the cliff wall for approximately 1 mile.

The view of paintings of ancient sites in the cliff is just the beginning of your journey in Triton Bay. Other surprises can be found around the village of Lobo. You will find the rare sight of a giant mammal attractions around the waters of this village. As a natural habitat of Bryde whale is not difficult to see these mammals here. A burst of water into the air from a hole in the back of the whale will be the marker of this attraction you can immediately enjoy from the boat.

Elegantly, whales here live in harmony with society of Triton. Despite living as fishermen, the people here don’t hunt these mammals. They consider this as a family and even a lifesaver. No wonder the animal that can reach sizesup to 12 meters is not reluctant to show themselves playing around the fishing boat.

When the sea tide is calm, your chances of watching Bryde whale is bigger. For lovers of diving and underwater photo hunter, a rare opportunity to play and perpetuate the doings of this giant beast just too good to be missed.

Still in the village of Lobo you can also see traces of the Dutch East Indies heritage. The monument of “Fort du Bus“. From this monument can be ascertained that in 1828 once stood the fortress and the Dutch East Indies administration post named Fort du Bus.

The name Ford Du Bus is taken from the name of the Governor-General of the ruling Dutch East Indies at that time, LPJ Burggraaf du Bus de Gisignies. This marks the beginning of the founding of the fort the Dutch East Indies colony in the land of Papua. During this period the Dutch East Indies government even raised three natives respectively Namatota King, King Lokajihia namely Kasa, and lutu (people prominent in the Lobo, Mewara and Sendawan) as the head in their respective regions.

The outbreaks of malaria that attacks Lobo in 1835 changed the situation. This plague kills most of the Dutch East Indies army there. The fort was finally abandoned.

For divers, you are obliged to bring your diving gear. It’s too silly to miss the beauty of underwater scenery in Triton. Here, the dive sites that are usually visited is in the surrounding of Temintoi, Iris Strait. No doubt about the natural wealth. According to data from Conservation International (CI) Indonesia in 2006, the waters of the Gulf of Triton has 959 species of reef fish, 471 coral species (16 of them new species), and 28 types of mantis shrimp.

Satisfied with diving, the last menu of the trip is to enjoy the beautiful sunset in Kaimana. It’s not just any evening twilight. If the weather is good enough, it will provide unforgettable entertainment. On twilight, the incision of orange tinge scattered uniformly in the Kaimana sky. The luxury is even more tense when the giant hot ball feels like drowning swallowed by the sea.

To reach the beautiful paradise in the Gulf of Triton, the only transport available is by sea route. Unfortunately, theer is not yet available regular tourist boats that serve the route above. You can accomplish this by using a rented speedboat from the port of Kaimana. Speedboat rental cost of Kaimana priced approximately USD $350 per day.

Air access can be completed in about 8 hours to 10 hours. From the capital city of Kaiman, visitors can move on to Triton by Kaimana government-owned speedboat, or longboat owned by local residents. It takes about 45 minutes, depending on the weather.

Ticket Price

To enter this area, visitors are not charged admission, yet. However, visitors must get permission first from the Department of Education and Tourism or the Department of Fisheries and Marine Resources. In addition, visitors also have to coordinate first with the CII to be introduced to the traditional leaders or local communities. Thus, at the site, visitors are not expelled by them. Reaching Kaimana can also be done using the ferry from Jakarta for five-day.

Accommodation and Other Facilities

In Triton, there are three custom-based vacation house that is quite unique. Unique because all three are made with wood, including the walls which are taking the main ingredient of bark. The framework and the wall does not use nails or other metal materials, but in ways or certain techniques based on the skills of local people who passed by their ancestors.

Here’s the location of Triton Gulf in map:

View Triton Gulf, Kaimana, Papua, Indonesia in a larger map

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