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The Perfume of Mount Pesagi

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Mount Pesagi is the highest mountain in Lampung , SUmatra, Indonesia with an altitude reaches 2,200 meters above sea level. The originality and beauty of the natural atmosphere around Mount Pesagi is still well preserved, and this is a very special attraction. From the top of this mountain, visitors can enjoy the beauty of West Lampung region, Lake Ranau, residential communities of OKU, Krui seas, and Blimbing sea.


Pesagi peak has a challenging route. Along the route there are many interesting plants such as diverse species of orchids and a variety of wildlife from birds to wild animals. Anyone who crosses this area is prohibited to take and pick the plants, flowers, let alone hunt animals. All visitors must protect the environment, no littering whatsoever.

It’s said, there are seven wells at Pesagi’s peak, which one of them is sometimes issued a smell like perfume. Not everyone can get water from the well. According to local residents, only climbers with “clear intention” can have it. Climbers who are not environmentally friendly or those who have no good intentions will never get any water from the well.

Climbing Access

To reach the top of Pesagi, there are two routes that can be taken, the first alternative is to walk from Pekon Bahway to Pekon Hujung. Normally, this track requires 12 hours travel time round-trip by foot.

The second alternative, visitors walk starts and ends at Pekon Hujung. The required time is equal to the first alternative, the same 12 hours in normal weather conditions. On rainy season, the distance will take more than 12 hours by foot.

Here’s the location of Mount Pesagi on map:

View Mount Pesagi in a larger map

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