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Papuma, The Secret Beach

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Papuma is a beautiful beach adorned with neat stones bordering ther soil and the white sand along the beach. Combined with the beautiful panorama and the soft sand, it’s the perfect place for sunbathing. There is also the forest with a variety of animals such as lizards, chicken, deer, armadillos, etc that makes it even prettier. This coastal and forest area are commonly used for camper and nature lovers. There are enough facilities and accommodation for tourist to have a comfort vacation.

Village Lojejer District Wuluhan, Jember, East Java, Indonesia.

45 km south of Jember.

Air Temperature:
25-32ยบ C

Entry Fee:
IDR 5000 (about USD $0.5)

However, up to now, the management and development of Papuma is not very optimal. If only this area were developed with optimally, it will surely bring in more revenue either for local or Perhutani(government) as the owner.

The government can at least take advantage of Papuma by making it as a means to introduce the communities’ crafts and Jember typical foods, and surely from the entry fee and lodging.

When in fact, there are numbers of advantages that Papuma has over other beaches, like its small wave that allows the kids or visitors to bath safely on the shore.

Not to mention the quite extensive location that can be used as a place to relax with family. Plus the scene of roaming forest monkeys, makes the beach more exotic.

And there’s still more. On the other side of this region, there is beach with the stretch of pebbles. On the top of the pebble right on the top of the hill, stood a hut used by visitors to enjoy the expanse of the vast southern ocean.

Still, many visitors expressed over their curiousity why this beautiful beach had not been developed optimally.

Here’s the location of Papuma beach:

View Papuma Beach, Jember in a larger map

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