Sempu Island, The Beach and The Lake

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This natural tourist attraction is not as famous as other object in East Java like Mount Bromo. However, you’ll find that less-famous doesn’t always mean less-beautiful.

Away from the riot of city, the natural atmosphere and not a single building standing on this island, not even a restaurant or hotel. …

Curug Cigamea, The Twin Waterfalls

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In the area of Mount Salak Endah there are several waterfalls. One of them is Cigamea Curug waterfall located in the village of Gunung Sari, Pamijahan District, Bogor.

Cigamea Curug is one of the most beautiful waterfalls we have ever encountered. Simply pay an entrance fee of Rp. 2000/person (US $0.2) …

Kerak Telor, Betawi’s Specialty

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Kerak Telor or Eggs crust is Betawi native foods that have been around since ancient times and is a Jakarta typical food which was already scarce encountered. Its existence started to run over as fast food fast-attack in Indonesia society.

In the former Dutch colonial period, egg crust elite had …

Umang Island

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A long time ago, touring has become one of the necessities of life of all people, every human being do tourism activities with their own ways and motivations. In addition to enjoying the beautiful panorama of places visited, the tour is also intended to eliminate fatigue and boredom of the …

Ngaben, The Cremation Ceremony

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Death becomes something very ordinary and reasonable when there is a belief that all hopes will become reality in the afterlife. In this context, the Hindu community in Bali believe that the life cycle will never stop. After the death in the world, there is still another life. Unless someone …

Balekambang, The Beach With 3 Islands

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If you happened to be in Malang city either for business purposes or other purposes, It never hurts to take a moment of your spare time to visit Balekambang beach in the southern of the city.
The white sand and coral buffeted by the waves is the main attraction of …

Chartered Aircraft, Motor Boat, Or Speedboat

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There are several alternatives to achieve the islands that administratively are in Jepara’s region. From the capital city of Central Java, Semarang, there are chartered planes. There is also regular flight prepared from Ahmad Yani International Airpot, Semarang, to the Dewandaru Kemojan Airport in Karimunjawa.

The easiest way for this …

Karimunjawa , Jepara, Central Java

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Karimun Jawa is a group of islands located in Jepara, Central Java. Since the atmosphere is still natural, that group of islands in the Java Sea is a perfect choice for an exotic pleasure location. Karimunjawa has an area of 11,625-hectare with the status as a marine national park and …

Saluopa, The 12 Levels Waterfall

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Have you ever seen a waterfall that consists of 12 levels?
If not, you should visit Tonusu village, North Pamona sub-district, Poso District, Indonesia.
The name of the waterfall is Saluopa. The levels mentioned here are the ladder of natural stones from one level to the next level. Saluopa waterfall …

Tenebrous Hill, The Folklores

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Local society around Tenebrous hill know a legend associated with the hill. It is said that there were two leaders who are believed to be descendants of the gods in the State Sintang.
One of them is known as Sebeji or Bujang Beji who were destructive, covetous, and greedy. His greed, …