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Ora Beach, Peaceful and Pretty

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Ora beach is a beach located on the island of Seram, Central Maluku. It’s the heaven on earth, a place with peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views of nature (especially the beach).

Ora beach offers unparalleled natural beauty, one more proof for the tourists out there that Indonesia is the home of beautiful beaches and natural beauty, if maintained properly.

There are resorts provided for tourists that stand right on the beach with the crystal clear water. Those resorts are built on stilts with wooden material that will give you comfortable atmosphere to relax. This place is definitely for those who want to find the peace of mind.

In addition, the landscape is equally when compared with Lanikai Oahu beach in Hawaii or Maldives Island. An it’s definitely cheaper. On this beach, the corals and the marine animals are still numerous and are still well maintained, probably because this place is not too exposed, so not many people come and ruin it.

The beach is adjacent to Saleman. It can be reached by sea from Saleman or from Trans road Seram. There are lodgings located among the local settlements with nearly 40 percent of them are built right above the sea. You can see the coral reefs and colorful fish decorate the bottom of the sea directly from the inns.

Muhammad Ali, the innkeeper, saying that in addition to snorkling, visitors can alsocross the Salawai river to see the process of making sago, palm fruit collection, or to see various species of birds in estuaries in the Gulf of Solomon(Teluk Sulaiman).

Tourists can also trekking through the forest which is still preserved behind Sawai, headed to the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Hamlet Masihulan, Sawai, a place to see the breeding of parrots. Don’t forget to see the caves, underwater cave, waterfalls, or spend the night in the hut, in the middle of the forest, which is purposely built by Ali.

These activities tourists can suck up to 500 visitors each year. The majority of foreign tourists are from Netherlands, United States, and Japan. In fact, this year(2011), there are already 20 groups of tourists from countries that book the place. With each group consists of at least 10 people.

Tourism activity in the Gulf of Solomon, precisely in this Saleman and Sawai, have actually been initiated since mid-1990. However, when it reaches the peak of glory, the industry is fading, as a result of Maluku riots in 1999, but it’s now starting to rise again.


To reach Ora beach we must cross over to Port Amahay in the Masohi City of Seram Island from Port Tulehu in Central Maluku using fast ship “Cantika Anugerah” which takes about 2 hours. It costs about IDR 100,000(USD 10) for economy class and IDR 150,000 for the VIP class.


As mentioned earlier, there is an inn called “Ora Beach Resort” that’s built floating above the beach from wooden materials. Besides Ora Beach Resort, tourists can also find different atmosphere by staying at “Pondok Wisata Lisar Bahari” in Sawai, District of North Seram, Central Maluku.

PS: This place is perfect for honeymoon, the atmosphere is very very very romantic.

Here’s the location of Ora beach on map:

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