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Nasi Kuning, The Food of Gratitude

29 January 2011 1,190 views No Comment

Nasi Kuning or Yellow rice is a typical Indonesian food. This food is made from rice cooked along with turmeric and coconut milk and spices.

With the addition of spices and coconut milk, yellow rice has a more savory flavor than reguler white rice. Yellow rice is one variation of white rice that is often used as a cone called ‘tumpeng’. Yellow rice is usually served with various typical side dishes of Indonesia like serundeng(relish of grated coconut and spices), shredded omelet, teri kacang (fried anchovy and peanuts), urab (vegetable in shredded coconut dressing), sambal goreng (fried tempeh and potato caramelized in spicy sauce), perkedel (potato fritters), javanese fried chicken, or balado udang (shrimp in chilli). And sometimes it also includes fried cow’s brain, fried cow’s lung, beef and seafood.

This cone -tumpeng- is usually eaten during special events. In Indonesia tradition, the yellow color of the rice symbolize wealth, prosperity, and moral sublime. Therefore yellow rice often served at happy events and celebration like birthday, marriage, and engagement. In Balinese tradition, yellow is one of the four sacred color in addition to white, red, and black. The top of the tumpeng is customarily given to the most senior person in attendance

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