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Mountain Sibayak, North Sumatera

17 November 2009 2,912 views 2 Comments

Carved The Memories With The Stones

Bukit Barisan mountain range that extends from the end of the row to the end of Sumatera had become the backbone of the island. Not surprisingly, the island that is also called Andalas provides the natural charm of mountain tourism. One of them is Sibayak Mountain in Tanah Karo, North Sumatera.

One of the mainstay tourism in East Java is Mount Bromo which offers panoramic sunrise if not blocked by the clouds. That is the equal class of panorama that is offered to tourists who visit the Mount Sibayak in Tanah Karo.
The difference is, the way to Mount Bromo is relatively easy because there’s already existing access road impassable to vehicles near the top and the crater. While to the top and the crater of Sibayak, only available path. However, that’s the challenge for the fan of nature tourism.

It took about two hours to climb and reach the summit and crater Sibayak from the last stop of public transport at the foot of the mountain. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the panoramic sunrise at the top, you should begin to climb during the early hours.
You must estimate to reach the top of the mountain before 04.00 o’clock. Because, that is the moment the sun rises have started to appear.

There are several paths to reach the top of the mountain. First, the natural route through dense forests. For those who choose it, they must consider taking a guide who knew the route. Because Sibayak forests are still relatively virgin so there’s a high risk of misleading.

For those who are not accustomed to the first path or want a safer path, there is a stairway to the crater, the climbing sensation is still felt by the lush of the trees on either side of the path. In addition, the slope of the road forced the tourists to lift their knees higher.

Unlike the mountain Bromo, Sibayak crater is not at its peak. Its located on the slopes of the mountain just before reaching the peak. After hundreds of steps on the path, the craters which is around 40,000 square meters finally can be seen.

sibayak crater

The smell of the sulfur wafted directly between the cold air around the crater. The air temperature range is 17-20 degrees Celsius.
From the edge, there are parts of the crater-shaped stretch of sand. On that sand, people arranged small stones to write. Most of the stones arranged names.
The crater was made available for tourists who want to place his/her name in the crater as a sign that they ever reached the place. It’s better and more environmentally friendly than perpetuate the name scrawled on a tree or write on a stone with spray paint.

However, it needs a little extra courage to slide sideways on the slope of the crater edge to the sandy part.

sibayak crate2r

Satisfied with the crater, the journey continues towards the top of the mountain. If you’re lucky and not cloudy, you can enjoy the moment the sun rises. Also Sinabung mountains in the westside of Sibayang mountaintop.
Travelling down from the top was no less interesting. Some tourism object can be found on the mountain slopes.
One of them is a source of hot water Lau Debuk-debuk in Daulu village on the slopes of the mountain. Emission of water with temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius is emerging from the cracks of lava flows on the slopes of the mountain.

The flow was then accommodated in the swimming baths. Usually, climbers who had just come down from the mountain using the hot tub to relieve fatigue and restore the freshness of the body by bathing in it.
If the fatigue is gone and and the energy is recovered, tourists can go on to Mount Gundaling. The distance is about 3 km from Mount Sibayak climbing starting point .

Those who still have enough power could go by foot. While those who want to relax while enjoying the journey can reach the hill with a sado.
The natural hill was transformed into a rest park, you can rest there while enjoying the fresh passion fruit or orange which are picked from the garden near the park.

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  • kira said:

    i like the idea of using stones to carve the names, it’s brilliant!

  • kira said:

    i like the idea of using stones to carve the names, it’s brilliant!

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