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Morotai, Island From The Past

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Morotai Island is located at the northern end of North Halmahera District and is still part of North Maluku. It was just declared as a new district in October 2008. North Morotai directly adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, east to Halmahera sea and in the south bordering with Morotai strait.

Formerly, this island is a very quiet island, the island became crowded due to the lost of American to Japanese during the World War II, which forced the American to retreat from Philippines, and used Morotai Island as the headquarters of allied forces.

Visiting this island is like taking a journey back to the past to the World War II. It’s because there is still an airstrip from World War II, wrecks of tanks, warships, combat aircrafts and even bunkers. So the tourist can have a journey back to the past while enjoying the white sand the quiteness, and the tropical breeze.

For those who like snorkeling, the island has quite beautiful underwater scenery, one of the best underwater sceneries in Indonesia. Besides the beautiful coral reefs , there are also many sunken warships, a scene that is rarely found in other snorkeling places in Indonesia.

Access to Morotai
There are two paths to reach this island. First, using a ship from Ternate to Morotai takes about 12 hours and there are only 2 times departures in a week. Second, using pioneers flight from Babullah airport in Ternate to Morotai, takes only about 30 minutes, a lot faster, but also a lot more expensive (by tens!) than using the ship.

However, the fatigue after travelling for 12 hours by ship would soon relieved once you see the clean white sand and beautiful corals and stone on the beach, the best thing is there is no entrance fee whatsover to enter this beach, unlike other beaches in Indonesia.

Supporting Facilities on Morotai

Although the island is just a small but there are already small inns for the visitors, and many restaurants which generally serve various seafoods.

Shortly speaking, it’s good alternative for Bali.. which I personally think overrated.

Here’s MorotaiĀ  Island location on map:

View Morotai Island, Indonesia in a larger map

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