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La Petite Kepa, The Getaway

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La Petite Kepa or ‘small Kepa’ could have two meanings. First, Kepa island is indeed a small and tiny island. Minimal population, very quiet, and filled with goats here and there. Second, La Petite Kepa is the name of a homestay with a thatched house style owned by a French couple Cedric and his wife Anne. This island is located on Alor Kecil, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

Access to Kepa Island
Kepa Island, situated about 30 minutes drive from Kalabahi, the capital of Alor. Ride a motorcycle or car ride the village of Alor Kecil, then crossing over using a fishing boat at a cost of about 15000 IDR (USD 15)per head. From the dock of Alor Kecil, it’s only 500 m to Kepa Island, you can already see the homestay.

Situation on Kepa Island
This small island is very quiet literally, just about 10 minutes from Alor Kecil to Kepa Island. There is no electricity and diffcult to get clean water. At La Petite Kepa homestay, electricity obtained from solar panels stored in large batteries. It is highly recommended to save electricity here. Don’t be waste electricity, don’t waste clean water, and don’t make unecessary noise!

On the other side of Kepa island, far from home stay, there is a small village where the locals have lived for generations. They raise goats that scattered all over the island which is full with grasslands and shrubs. It’s somehow conforting because that indicates that there’s no predators or deadly beasts around. If there is any wild beasts, the locals certainly would not let their cattle left free all night and day.

Facility on Kepa Island
Thera are Resort and Dive Center that provides equipments for diving and the instructors. Some tourists from foreign countries come to visit this place, especially those who like to enjoy the underwater beauty. If you are interested in this sport, Kepa Island is one of the perfect place for you.

Just remember some green credentials on La Petite Homestay so you can prepare some anticipations before visiting:

  • All of La Petite’s bathrooms are the traditional Indonesian style (a water container with a small ladle, no, no shower!)
  • Guests are always encouraged to conserve water and other resources. Fresh water is fetched from Alor Kecil village for showers, and seawater is used for sanitation system. Alor-Pantar’s strait islands regularly suffer from aridity and water is a fundamental issue.
  • Power is generated through solar panels. La Petite collects guests batteries (and other electronics) that require charging in the evenings, and returns them fully charged in the mornings. There’s also a small solar panel for charging mobile phones and small equipment.
  • All meals are made with fresh and seasonal produce, with a priority on local sourcing. Imported foods (generally from Bali) is kept to a minimum
  • Laundry service is available, or you can do it by yourself at the well of Alor Kecil
  • Organic waste feeds goats and chicken. Other waste is burned in a ‘home-made’ incinerator, not high-tech but with a neutralization system for smoke’s acidity.

It’s the best place if you want to play Robinson Crusoe. Or just wanting to getaway from your routines. It’s worth it.
Map location of Kepa Island:

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