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Kayan Mentarang, The Challenging Adventures.

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Kayan Mentarang National Park with an area of 1,360,500 acres, is the remaining area of the largest old primary forest and old secondary forest in Kalimantan(Borneo) and throughout Southeast Asia.

This national park has high value of diversity both rare and protected species animal and plant, and the diversity of ecosystem types from lowland rain forest to mossy forest in high mountains. Simply said, the biodiversity Kayan Mentarang National Park is very very impressive.


There are some plants like ironwood (Eusideroxylon zwageri), Pulai (Alstonia scholaris), ramin (Gonystylus bancanus), jelutung (Dyera costulata), Agathis (Agathis borneensis), Rengas (Gluta wallichii), gaharu (Aquilaria malacensis), palm (Arenga pinnata), various kinds of orchids, and palms. In addition, there are several types of plants that not all can be identified as they are new species in Indonesia.

There are about 100 species of mammals (15 species of them are endemic), 8 primate species and more than 310 bird species including 28 species endemic to Kalimantan and has been registered by ICBP (International Committee for Bird Protection) as an endangered species. Several species of rare mammals such as the clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa), honey bear (Helarctos euryspilus malayanus), white forehead langur (Presbytis frontata frontata), and bull (Bos javanicus lowi).

The Societies

The rivers in this national park such as Bahau, Kayan and Mentarang used as transportation to the area. During the trip, besides being able to see different kinds of animals living around the river, you can also see the longboat’s agility through the rapids, or against the quite swift current.

The presence of about 20,000-25,000 people from various Dayak ethnic groups living around the park like Kenyah, Punan, Lun Daye, and Lun Bawang , turns out to have knowledge of cultural wisdom in accordance with the principle of conservation. This is one of uniqueness in Kayan Mentarang National Park. The uniqueness is evident from the ability of communities to preserve biodiversity in his life. For example, various types of rice varieties are collected and preserved well enough to support people’s daily lives.

Archaeological Heritage

Many of the graves and archaeological heritage in the form of stone tools found in national parks (over 350 years old), and are thought to be a very important archaeological sites in Kalimantan.

Some locations / attractions to be visited

  • Daok Island beach and the Mount Lubang Tedong: marine tourism and swim.
  • Mountain Palung (1,116 m above sea level) and Mount Panti (1,050 m asl): climbing, waterfalls, observation of plants / animals and camping.
  • Cabang Panti: research center with a research station facility, homestead researchers and libraries.
  • Kampung Baru: Proboscis monkey wildlife observation.
  • Matan and Simpang river: scour the river, observing animals and sites of cultural (archaeological site).

Cultural attractions outside the park

High-value and unspoiled biodiversity, is a challenge for researchers to express and develop its utilization. Besides, the natural beauty of forests, rivers, cliffs, and the Dayak culture is an attraction that is very challenging for the travelers and tourists.

The best visiting season: September to December each year.

How to reach the location:

From Samarinda to Tarakan by plane for about one hour, followed by speedboat / klotok down Mentarang river to the park with a time of six hours to one day.

Here’s the location of Kayan Mentarang on map:

View Kayan Mentarang National Park in a larger map

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