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Kanawa Island, The Small Pearl

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Small and Quiet

Kanawa Island is an island located in the Komodo Islands, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Kanawa is also often called the small pearl, for its beauty. Kanawa is only 40 minutes away from Labuanbajo using a ship. This island is known for its beauty and for being really really quiet.

Kanawa Island has clear blue sea, beautiful coral reefs and the most important thing is that this Island is a deserted island that makes it really really quiet. So if you’re some kind of crowd-allergic person like me, it’s a perfect place for you.

On the afternoon, during low tide, tourists can pick up starfish and small crabs found on the coast, these events always occur when the tides is low on Kanawa.

To reach this island you don’t have to spend much, because this island despite very beautiful is very cheap. With only USD $5 per night including breakfast and shuttle fare in Labuanbajo, and snorkeling equipments rental, visitors can enjoy all the available facilities. Where can you find any place in the world which only requires USD $5 for snorkeling?

To get to this island, you need to take a ship from Labuanbajo for about 40 minutes, these ships depart to Kanawa island everyday at 12.00 noon. If in any case you were left behind, you can rent a speed boat that will cost you USD $6.

To stay overnight, there are many choices. International hotel (with international rates) or many cottages that spreading on the island. There are many (mostly seafood) restaurants. It can be simply stated that Kanawa Island is the best place for a high quality vacation with cheap price.

Here’s the location of Kanawa Island

View Kanawa/Rinca/Seraya Island, Indonesia in a larger map

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