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Karimunjawa , Jepara, Central Java

[4 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 1,336 views]

Karimun Jawa is a group of islands located in Jepara, Central Java. Since the atmosphere is still natural, that group of islands in the Java Sea is a perfect choice for an exotic pleasure location. Karimunjawa has an area of 11,625-hectare with the status as a marine national park and …

Saluopa, The 12 Levels Waterfall

[2 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 1,301 views]

Have you ever seen a waterfall that consists of 12 levels?
If not, you should visit Tonusu village, North Pamona sub-district, Poso District, Indonesia.
The name of the waterfall is Saluopa. The levels mentioned here are the ladder of natural stones from one level to the next level. Saluopa waterfall …

Tenebrous Hill, Sintang, West Kalimantan

[25 Nov 2009 | One Comment | 1,460 views]

As the name implies, the Tenebrous Hill or Bukit Kelam is a hill. But since the material formed it is hard rock, people around it think of it as a rock. They believe, the Tenebrous hill is the second largest boulder in the world.
It is located approximately 19 kilometers from …

Buton Fort Palace

[23 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 1,784 views]

Indonesia archipelago should be proud because it has a tourist attraction which is said to be the largest fort in the world. The object is located in the City Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi Province. The fort that was built to protect the royal palace in the past Buton is also known …

Lake of Mountain Seven, Kerinci, Jambi

[20 Nov 2009 | One Comment | 1,687 views]

This tourism object is perfect for those who like to take a trip to the lake and mountains. In a single visit, tourists can enjoy one lake and seven and mountains. The name is danau gunung tujuh or the lake of mountain seven, Jambi Province, Indonesia.
It is said, the lake …

Mountain Sibayak, North Sumatera

[17 Nov 2009 | 2 Comments | 2,693 views]

Bukit Barisan mountain range that extends from the end of the row to the end of Sumatera had become the backbone of the island. Not surprisingly, the island that is also called Andalas provides the natural charm of mountain tourism. One of them is Sibayak Mountain in Tanah Karo, North …

Natsepa Coast, Salahutu, Central Maluku

[13 Nov 2009 | One Comment | 1,660 views]

Ambon island has a beautiful coastline. But the most-known legend is the Natsepa in the Suli village, Salahutu subdistrict, Central Maluku district. The beach that used to be the location choosen by allied troops to take a day off.
Natsepa beach in the BAGUALA bay directly opposite the famous malignant Banda …

Lake Limboto, Gorontalo Tourism Icons.

[10 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 1,285 views]

The unique thing about lake Limboto is the position which is in lowland with 4.5 meters height above sea surface. The lake with an area of 3000 hectares is the estuary of the 4 major rivers in Gorontalo.
It’s located right in the border between Gorontalo the city and Gorontalo the …

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